Studio Control Room

Control room is based around the DAW Logic Pro and is used for everything from working to picture, arranging, mixing and mastering to producing scores to print out for sessions.

In terms of digital recording I use a selection of high quality plugins for effects processing (reverbs etc) and samples. Orchestral sample libraries include the stunning Spitfire Albion I & II, VSL, East West Platinum Plus, Miraslov Vitous, Cinematic Strings II & LA Scoring Strings.

I am a professional pianist and violinist and also play guitar, bass guitar, percussion and organ. Where there isn’t the budget to record everything with real instruments, a blend of sampled instruments and the real thing can produce excellent results.

Live Room / Foley Studio

Studio live room with Neumann U87ai microphones, Beyer 201s and an ultra quiet matched stereo pair of Rode NT1As for Foley work plus large screen picture sync.

There is also a beautifully restored upright Steck piano circa 1900s / Berlin plus a collection of electric & acoustic guitars, violin & viola plus an assortment of various percussion.

The studio has full control of  Logic in the control room, making it easy to record overdubs of real instruments in the studio.

Studio Steck Upright Piano

Studio Booth

Voice and instrument isolated booth with Neumann U87 microphone and picture sync.

The booth is completely deadened acoustically for recording voiceovers, vocals and instruments where an untreated recording is required.

Music for television workstation


As a classically trained musician I am experienced in arranging orchestral scores – from explosive tutti energy to subtle and intriguing colours of sound – from the quirky to the exotic.

Modern and Minimalist

Perhaps you are looking for something more synthetic, ethereal and stylised for drama or documentary. A modern contemporary sound with a twist of unexpected harmony.


Take a listen to my portfolio of work and please feel free to contact me to discuss a project.

Contact me for a quote or to discuss a project

Call the studio on 01225 470011 or email for a quote or for my latest availability.